First day of term

The children have been so happy to be back at school. They have enjoyed lots of different activities both inside and outside.


Happy half term!

What an amazing first half term we have had with many exciting learning experiences. 😀


Numicon Patterns

Today in Virtual Base we used the Numicon plates. To start with we sorted them by colour, shape, size and then number. We then worked with a partner to make a pattern of 2 colours…..and then we were able to say the pattern by number. E.g. red/green/red/green was also 5/4/5/4.


Where is Pete the Cat?

We took Pete to the big playground. We hid him in different places. We then used our words to describe where he was using ‘positional language’.

On…under…next to…in between…behind…in front…inside.


Kinetic Letters

We have started Kinetic Letters. Today we used three friends to put the single shapes into the Numicon grids of 3. Over the last few days we have been doing big movements with our writing arm and using trail makers, today we had a go at using those actions on the whiteboards. We found it quite tricky to write letter shapes so we focused on starting at the top branch (Bounce the brave monkey’s branch!) and going down, bump to the ground.


Farrell Treacy

Today we were so lucky to have Farrell Treacy visit us in school. Farrell is a speed skater. He came into school to launch our value of RESILIENCE for October. He talked to us about his journey to become an athlete for Great Britain and how despite mishaps along the way, such as breaking his arm badly, he used his resilience and growth mindset to keep going. After talking to us he helped us to join him with some warm up exercises. It was great fun!