In Virtual Base this week we were learning how to program a Bee-Bot. We have to remember to clear the memory before we give it new instructions. We can make it move forwards and backwards. 


Reading workshop 

On Friday the school held it’s first reading workshop of the academic year. There was a short talk in the hall. Then parents came in and shared a story or two with their children. There were even bacon rolls for parents to enjoy too. 


Art day

On Wednesday we had our art day. We had 4 activities that the children rotated around. Chalk fireworks, leaf pictures, large paint outdoors and Kandinsky style shape art. The children…and adults had a wonderful day and some of the children went into nursery to show them our finished art work. 


Holding a pencil ✏️ – Please encourage your child to hold a pencil correctly. 

This week we learnt our pencil song. We also stuck a blue tac curly caterpillar on our pencil. 🐛 
The song helps us do our pencil checks. (Sang to tune of Hockey Cockey) 
You get your three friends ready and pick your pencil up, 

You push it back to sit across your hand, 

You put your pillow finger under to keep poor curly safe, 

Now do the pencil checks,

Holding fingers opposite, can you see some colour?

Pillow finger under, pencil back, wrist bent arm rest down. 



During virtual base we complete a number activity each week. We are learning to recognise and order numbers to 10 and to count amounts accurately to match a number to 10. 


Kinetic letters

We have made so much progress already thanks to our kinetic letters program. We learn how to use our three friends to help us hold a pencil. We also do lots of activities to help make our bodies strong. Look at our wonderful letter formation already!!